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Every Beretta item that has been manufactured or purchased within the last two years is covered by our Warranty Return policy. To initiate the warranty process, you will need to provide a copy of the original purchase receipt or proof of purchase.

If you wish to file a warranty claim, please contact us and include clear photographs of the defect, the item number, and the entire product. Please note that we do not provide refunds for products damaged due to reasons such as negligence, misuse, or normal wear and tear.

Refunds are only available for products purchased through our online store.


To clean your shoes, remove the laces and wash them under a stream of cold water using, if necessary, a mild soap. Make sure the upper and sole are free from dust and debris. Rinse the shoes thoroughly, especially if they have come into contact with acidic soils, as soil acidity can be particularly aggressive and damaging to rubber parts.



Remove the insoles and let everything dry in a cool and ventilated area. If the shoes are very wet, you can speed up the drying process by inserting newspaper, which should be replaced periodically every day until completely dry. Never expose the footwear directly to heat sources such as fire, radiators, or boilers, as they can cause leather cracking or shrinking and seriously damage the adhesion of the sole and toe cap to the upper.



Proper treatment with cream or spray is primarily intended to "nourish" the leather so that it maintains an excellent level of support, softness, and maximizes water resistance. In general, it is preferable to apply a limited amount of treatment at regular and fairly close intervals, approximately every three or four uses, rather than applying rarely excessive amounts of treatment. It is also advisable to lightly treat the shoes before storing them for long periods, as the leather may dry out.



On completely dry uppers, apply the cream with the help of a soft brush, making sure it penetrates well, especially in the vicinity of the seams and flex points of the shoes. It is recommended to carry out the treatment the day before use and leave it on for a few hours, then proceed with polishing to remove any residual treatment that could attract sand or debris and damage the leather when flexing. We recommend testing a small amount of cream on a hidden area, as the product may darken the leather and alter its appearance.



Apply the balm spray to clean, dry uppers. Remove any excess spray from the sole. It is recommended to carry out the treatment the day before use and leave it on for a few hours. We recommend testing a small amount of cream on a hidden area, as the product may darken the leather and alter its appearance.



Leather linings should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth, allowed to dry, and treated by applying a light layer of cream or spray to nourish the leather and keep it soft and elastic.



Soles generally do not require special attention, but it is good practice to regularly inspect them to check for wear and general conditions. Any stones that may have become embedded in the sole should be removed. Periodically check the thickness of the treads, as a heavily worn sole can compromise safety and usability.



Laces are not meant to last forever, even though they are built to be long-lasting. Check them periodically and replace them if you notice signs of wear. It's a good idea to always have a spare pair of laces with you in your backpack. The anatomical insoles provided with the shoes should be regularly cleaned with water and soap or in the washing machine, and periodically replaced with new insoles. If the shoes are used regularly, they should be replaced every six to twelve months.



Store the footwear in a cool and dry environment. Do not expose them to direct sunlight, which can damage the leather and cause fading. The original cardboard box is the ideal container in which to store your shoes, as it protects them from dust and sunlight.

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