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Questions and Answers

1. Select a product eligible for the use of a promo code on our online store.

2. View the shopping cart. Enter the discount code in the "Promo Code" box and click "Apply Code".

Please make sure you are on the Cart page and not the Checkout one.

It is possible that the code you are trying to use has expired or is invalid. If the code has expired because the promotion is no longer active, it cannot be used anymore. 

If it is not valid, check that the discount is applicable to at least one of the products in the cart and make sure you have entered the code correctly (uppercase/lowercase, spaces).

Make sure you are not entering the promo code in the gift card box.

No, the codes cannot be combined.

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If you have a Gift Card, you can use it as a payment method at checkout. On the Checkout page, after the third step "Billing and Payment," you will find the "Beretta Gift Card" box, where you can enter the gift card code and verification code.

You can check the balance of your Gift Card by clicking on "Check the balance of the Gift Card" at the bottom right of the Homepage.

Of course. If the balance of your Gift Card is not enough to pay the full amount of the order, you can choose a second payment method to pay the remaining part.

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