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Strap EVO Vest

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SKU: GU904T2280
Unisex ‘tri-sacca’ Strap EVO Vest in durable polyester.
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Unisex ‘tri-sacca’ Strap EVO Vest in durable polyester. The ergonomic tri-sacca guarantees maximum wearability thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps, waist strap, side straps and chest strap.


From outdoor world to the different hunting environments such as Open Country, Forest, Mountain and Waterfowler, passing through the different sports shooting disciplines, a range of Multifield products to satisfy all the requirements.

    • Front pockets

    • Adjustable shoulder straps

    • Adjustable chest strap

    • Adjustable waist strap

    • Adjustable side straps

    • Washable rear game bag

    • Large back pocket

    • Beretta logo printed on the back

    100.0% Polyester
  • Game Bag

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