Burris Ballistic Laserscope II

# DB200115
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Burris Ballistic LaserScope II model 4-12x42 mm

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The updated 4-12×42 mm Ballistic II LaserScope will work with any gun, any load – from rimfire and centerfire rifles to muzzleloader to slug guns. With ranging capability out to 913 meters, it features the new X38 reticle. Now you can range your target at any magnification - making it the perfect optic for Eastern whitetail or Western big game hunting.

Three simple programming steps let you match the ballistics of your ammunition to the trajectory compensating capabili- ties within the Ballistic II LaserScope. Simply range your tar- get, place the illuminated dot where you want the bullet to go and that once-in-a-lifetime trophy will be yours. No more guessing. No more unethical shots. No lost opportunities.


The unique mounting system allows the lowest possible mounting of the Ballistic LaserScope to the rifle

For maximum efficiency a fingertip control remote activation switch comes with the Ballistic LaserScope.

The laser operated range measurement is always working no matter what magnification setting you are using. Therefore you can calculate the exact range to your target in any situation and see the correct holdover.

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