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Beretta: 500 ans du sport le plus élégant du monde entier

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C'est le cadeau idéal pour les passionnés de belles armes, un exemple du meilleur travail de Beretta et le rêve des sportifs et des sportives et de toutes les personnes qui aspirent à un style de vie raffiné.

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Les collectionneurs, les enthousiastes de tir sportif, les chasseurs et ceux qui apprécient les aspects les plus raffinés de la vie sportive et en plein air , ont une chose en commun partout dans le monde: ils portent tous une arme Beretta. Depuis 1526 le nom de Beretta est synonyme de construction sans compromis et de performances des armes à feu. Ces armes ont été utilisées sur le terrain par les plus grands représentants de la culture moderne, de Winston Churchill et Ernest Hemingway Sean Connery et Norman Schwarzkopf ainsi que par les actuels tireurs médaillés d'or olympiques. Pour la première fois, la famille Beretta ouvre les portes de son manoir de famille et de son usine italienne de Gardone, pour montrer les plus beaux fusils au monde faits à la main. Le livre plonge le lecteur dans la réalité avec de magnifiques photos, qui illustrent le meilleur du mode de vie du tireur et du sportif de l'Argentine à l'Oregon, de l'Ecosse à la Tanzanie C'est le cadeau idéal pour les passionnés de belles armes, un exemple du meilleur travail de Beretta et le rêve des sportifs et des sportives et de toutes les personnes qui aspirent à un style de vie raffiné..


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“In a handsome new book, Beretta: 500 Years of the World’s Finest Sporting Life, writer Nicholas Foulkes and photographer Andy Anderson tell the story of how the family-owned company built that international reputation from its humble beginnings in iron-rich northern Italy. The coffee-table tome starts there, at Beretta’s headquarters in Gardone Val Trompia. Foulkes and Anderson then traveled the world for two-and-a-half years, chronicling the guns in action—from a driven hunt in Scotland to a dove shoot in Argentina to the sporting clays course at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee. Depictions of adventure stories and sweeping landscapes alternate with up-close shots of vintage weaponry and elaborate engravings to create a portrait of a sporting tradition that’s the next best thing to being in the field yourself."
—Garden & Gun

There is only one company that brings the imagination and quality of Italian craftsmanship to outdoor living, honoring the hunting tradition with exquisite shotguns, clothing, and accessories matched to the needs of sportsmen—all while embodying inimitable Italian style.” 

“Easily the best written of the numerous books on Beretta, this stupendous volume gets my bullet for gun book of the year.”
—Doug Tate, Editor at Large SHOOTING SPORTSMAN

 “The book then immerses the reader in the field, with fine photography depicting the shooting and sporting lifestyle at its finest.” 
—Shooting Illustrated

"Most books focusing on a single gunmaker are dull as mud. While they are certainly of interest to historians, collectors, and in some cases technoids, they tend to sit on the shelf. This book on the other hand is a fascinating look at one of the most historic, and certainly the oldest continuously operating company in the world. While it does begin with the history of the company, it does so in an entertaining way and everything is complemented with truly fantastic photography. But unlike most of the other single gunmaker books, it also looks at the gun from the point of view of those who have owned them, some famous like Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Norman Schwarzkopf and Sean Connery, and some less so. It then goes on to 'The Sporting Life' and features shoots from around the world as it carries the reader from Scotland to Africa and beyond. It is a well-written book… the writing in a way complements the magnificent photography and beautiful production of this book more than the other way around. As is so often the case a photo is worth 1,000 words. And with the pallet of options available to the photographer, he was able to capture amazing moments, and made some ordinary experiences such as climbing into a tree stand, an experience to be shared. From humans to landscapes, from guns to game, this is a book to be enjoyed and unlike most shooting books, deserves a place on one's coffee table. Rizzoli did a fabulous job of production."
—Alex Brant, Author of The Shooter's Bible Guide to Shotgunning

"This book…is an engaging story of the development of Beretta and how their guns and accessories have become de riguer in the sporting and shooting world. From the marshes of Venice and Louisiana, to the hunting grounds of Oregon, Georgia, Argentina, Scotland, and Tanzania, the shooting lifestyle, enjoyed by so many enthusiasts is highlighted. Once the reader begins exploring this fine book, they will have a difficult time setting it aside."
— On The Fly Magazine, The eJournal of Fly Fishing and Bird Hunting

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