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Set of 3 Beretta Logo Stickers

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SKU: E02529
Set of 3 stickers each one with a different representation of the Beretta logo. Different measurement for each one.
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Beretta Official MerchandiseWhen you live by something, you want to show it. When your each and every heartbeat sings the word 'Beretta', you want to let everyone know. And is there a better way to achieve this, than personalising your belongings with the official Beretta Logo stickers? Straight from our merchandise line, they come in a set of three and are ready to enrich your car, your notebook, your laptop...literally all the objects you use in your everyday life! Collect them, stick them everywhere. You know it, your heart is three-arrows shaped. Let the world know it too,Features:Sticker #1 (horizontal logo)Color: White logo on transparent backgroundDimension: 182x42 mm (background included);Sticker #2 (Vertical logo) Color: White logo on transparent background Dimension: 119x95 mm (background included) ;Sticker #3 ("3 arrows" only)Color: Black logo on transparent backgroundDimension: 63x63 mm (background included).;

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