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Transparent Choke Tubes Case

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SKU: C6C469
Transparent chokes tubes polymer box, has 5 slots to hold chokes or choke key.
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Transparent Choke Tubes CaseBeretta Transparent Choke Tube Case will hold any of the Beretta choke tubes including Optimachke HP, MobilChoke, Optima-Choke, Optima Choke Plus etc. Will not accommodate long tubes.Made of robust yet flexible semi-transparent polymeric material, this new box features Beretta Logo on the cover and thanks to the 5 slots it allows to carry safely a full serie of 5 chokes within the shotgun case (or 4 chokes + 1 choke key),NOTE:Choke tubes are;NOT included Can only fits Extended Chokes;LESS;than 45mm Doesn't include;Beretta Choke Tube Single Case; Attention: it can contain chokes of a total length of 3.4 inches (9.5 cm) maximum, see second photo ;

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