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Binoculars Steiner Nighthunter XP 8x44

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SKU: DTS52810000
Steiner binouculars model Nighthunter XP 8x44. Ideal for Hunting.
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Steiner binouculars model Nighthunter XP 8x44. Ideal for Hunting.The perfect choice for those who prefer the slim roof prism design. Still hunting sets extreme demands on you and your equipment. You must be able to react quickly and precisely to changing situations. The Nighthunter XP 8x44 has been developed for exactly this purpose.

Nighthunter xp 8x44 is a versatile hunting glass to meet every hunter's observation demands and requirements. Its suitability while hunting is virtually unlimited and ranges from stalking to hunting from hides, from safaris in Africa to mountain hunting, from night hunting for wild boar to hunting in the wide and open savannahs and steppes.

FIELD OF VIEW AT 1000m :130
DIMENSIONS :188x126x65
WEIGHT :834 g
WARRANTY :30 years.

Its incomparable High-Definition XP Optics feature a dielectrically coated mirror, phase correction, to prevent interference effects is naturally, as well as fluoride glasses. The Nighthunter XP 8x44 offers up to 25% more surface of the exit pupil than comparable competitors' products. This excellent quality of the optics and their high light transmission properties ensure a very bright undistorted view.

Absolute minimisation of stray light, pin sharpness, outstanding edge sharpness, superb colour rendition and excellent contrast characterise the view. Observation with this brilliant glass is sheer pleasure under all lighting conditions. Detail resolution is absolutely convincing, even under the worst lighting conditions. The Nano-Protection surface coating is resistant to abrasion, water drops simply roll away, so observation in rain or snow is no problem at all.

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