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Beretta Ring Piston Push Snap A300, A301, A302, A303, A304, A390, AL390

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SKU: C97019
Piston bush snap ring for semiauto shotgun.
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Ring Piston Push Snap Compatible with: A300 cal.12 A300 cal.20 A301 cal.12 A301 cal.20 A302 cal12 A302 cal.20 A303 cal.12 A303 cal.20 A304 cal.12 (deluxe, standard silver lark, slug silver lark) A390 cal.12 (standard, mat, deluxe, skeet, slug, sporting, super skeet, super sporting, trap, super trap) AL390 cal.12 (anniversary, camo, diamond sporting, gold mallard, gold sporting, lioness, mat synthetic, silver mallard, skeet sporting, trap) AL390 cal.20 (anniversary, gold mallard, lioness, silver mallard) Note: we suggest to contact your gunsmith for fitting this spare part

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