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Beretta Hunting Cordura® Socks

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SKU: CL031T1572
The Beretta Hunting Cordura socks are made of Cordura® and Lycra®.
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The Beretta Hunting Cordura socks are made of Cordura® and Lycra®.
Abrasion resistant Cordura® yarns increase the durability of the sock
The double channel construction on the outer side grants high breathability.


From outdoor world to the different hunting environments such as Open Country, Forest, Mountain and Waterfowler, passing through the different sports shooting disciplines, a range of Multifield products to satisfy all the requirements.


    • LYCRA® Fiber Antistress Collar to ensure maximum adherence without compression

    • Elastic knit fabric made of high quality polyester and LYCRA® fiber to ensure perfect and ergonomic fit

    • High breathability and thermoregulation, fast drying, softness and comfort

    • Front protection insert with double layer sponge made of polyester and LYCRA® fiber

    • Toe, heel and sole reinforced with Double-reinforced polyester and LYCRA® fiber for added protection and comfort

    • Toe and heel with a Cordura ® anti-abrasion insert

    • Ventilation channel on the outside of the foot made of mesh structure

    • Special tip with ultra flat, invisible and anti-friction seam.

    • Suitable for temperatures from -15 °C to 0 °C

    51.0% Polyester, 44.0% Nylon, 5.0% Lycra
  • Temperature -15 > 0 °C

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