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Embrace the essence of strength with Beretta's Ladies Collection, designed to empower and inspire female explorers.


This clothing line is focused on delivering improved garment fit with modern performance fabrics aiding in durability and Beretta's signature technologies. 


The quality and maximum durability of Beretta's apparel come together in this line created for female hunters, shooters, athletes, and all women who love to challenge themselves. Browse our exclusive Ladies capsule Collection and embark on a journey of style, functionality and women's empowerment. 

Suojella Fleece

Women’s breathable stretch Suojella fleece made of lightweight grid fleece with ceramic print on the outside of the fabric. The lightweight grid fleece ensures optimal thermoregulation, breathability and quick drying.



What you will love:


  • Large ventilation opening on the back
  • Side pockets with YKK zip
  • Adjustable drawstring hem
  • Can be used as a thermal layer

LeSaut Sweater

Women's LeSaut long-sleeved, super-stretch base layer jersey made with seamless technology in a polyamide and polyester blend. The breathable properties of the fabric ensure excellent thermoregulation while ensuring the body stays dry.



What you will love:


  • Flatlock seams
  • Jacquard fabric
  • Slim fit
  • Two camouflage colors available

Embrace the wild


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