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B-Fast Adjustable Stock Insert (Stock not Included)

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SKU: C8A687
B-Fast insert for all wood adjustable stock.
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B-Fast (Beretta Fast Adjustment System Technology) is the new stock adjustment device made by Beretta.

With its simple and smart design it provides multiple adjustment options:

  • Max 11 mm height (parallel to towers axis)

  • Max 6" drop Max 11 degree rotation (with respect to the axis perpendicular to the stock drop)

  • Max 13mm lateral (perpendicular to the stock)

The new locking screws provide perfect fit to the towers, ensuring the best locking of the comb. The spacers will function as "memory" for the height of the comb so the shooter will be able to change the cast without losing the height adjustment.

Warning: requires installation by a trained gunsmith or stock fitter.

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