Valigetta Rigida Verticale M9A3 Review: Extraordinary case for range trips

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5 out of 5

Extraordinary case for range trips


I go to the range regulary and as often as possible to small local club competitions, where you shoot just one gun mostly. And to have something different I got this box and used it twice so far. So this is really a short time review :) It is small enough so I can put it on the stand right in front of me, the box can be set so that the gun always points down range (which makes range officers happier when ppl unpack or pack their guns). Fit works for my 92A1, as well as a PX4 full size, a 1911, or a SIG P226. However I might get some foam and create a different layout to either add more pre-loaded magazines or a larger 50 rounds ammo box (like from Fiocchi). Smaller 50 rounds boxes like from Geco or S&B can be put flat onto the foam, with the gun, and 2 magazines, and the box can still be closed.

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