Kit Gruppo Scatto Xtreme S per Beretta serie 90

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Ottieni le prestazioni della nuova 92X con la tua Beretta con questo kit gruppo scatto Xtreme S, progettato per ridurre il peso di scatto e il reset. Prodotto in Italia, compatibile con tutte le pistole della Serie 92.

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Beretta Parti PRO

Made in Italy.

Ottieni le prestazioni della nuova 92X con la tua pistola Beretta serie 92 con questo kit gruppo scatto Xtreme S, appositamente progettato per ridurre il peso di scatto e il reset grazie allo speciale rivestimento DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), le nuove geometrie della leva collegamento e il kit molle per garantire prestazioni ottimali di tutto il kit.


Il kit contiene:

  • Grilletto 92X in acciaio con zigrino per una grip migliore
  • Cane scheletrato in acciaio con rivestimento DLC
  • Leva scatto in acciaio con rivestimento DLC
  • Leva collegamento in acciaio che ottimizza il reset
  • Molla cane alleggerita disegnata specificatamente per cane scheletrato
  • Molla leva collegamento standard
  • Molla leva scatto standard
  • Molla grilletto standard
  • Spina tappo fusto standard


Compatibile con:

  • Tutte le pistole della serie 90 (ex. 92 - 96 - 98 - 92A1 - 96A1 - 98A1 - M9A1 - M9A3) eccetto modelli Tipo M


Attenzione: Il Kit e' raccomandato solamente per l'uso sportivo. Il montaggio sulla pistola deve essere effettuato da un tecnico specializzato.


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5 out of 5

Great trigger and definitely shorter reset on my 92A1


Ordered this set yesterday and received it today. Thumbs up Beretta Estore. Installation was easy, I did change trigger, D-spring and skeletonized hammer. Assembly is tricky with the pin holding the sear and spring as well as installing the trigger spring. New trigger has vertical grooves which make DA pulll much better - my finger stays on the same spot on the trigger! With the normal metal trigger I felt my finger slip a tiniest bit from DA to SA mode. Reset is also a lot better now, pull the trigger, gun cycles, and then release the trigger about - felt, not measured - 3/4 of the distance of the normal trigger before trigger resets. What is great then is you are almost right at the wall, a little pull again and hammer will fall! Great! Ontop, where the striker release lifts up from the slide, you can see now it doesnt not longer vanish completely upon reset! Did cycle and test action now 2oo+ times. SA a bit gritty as parts are new. Will test it on weekend! Thank you Beretta!

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5 out of 5

Beretta 90two installed as well but needs a bit filing of the plastic grip


I tried my Beretta 92A1 with this new trigger on a match last weekend and it was really an improvement. I also got a Beretta 90 two and ordered a second set, which arrived again after one day. Installation was a breeze and the trigger reset improved as well. However, due to the design of the grip sleeve and the trigger bar the grip sleeve needs some filing, otherwise the trigger bar moves against the plastic, and if you hold the gun tight the trigger spring does not have enough force to pull the trigger back to the front. Filing a little channel inside the plastic grip on the right side, where the trigger bar moves, solved the problem! Again thank you Beretta for quick delivery!

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