Beretta Set Mira Regolabile e Mirino Fibra Ottica 98A1 - 96A1 Review: Good simple sights

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Good simple sights


Like for the PX4 Storm these adjustable fiber optic sights work fine for my older eyes. For target shooting black iron sights (without rear white dots) work best but for dynamic disciplines like IPSC or Steel Plates the fiber optics work better. Removing the original sights from the PX4, 90two and 92A1 was actually harder than to mount the new sights! It also helps to disassembly and remove the safety so that sight pusher tool can have a better hold on the slide. On the 90/92 series the original front sight is harder to remove or install because the slide narrows down just below the sight. The new sights only needed a little bit of stoning (1000 grit) until I could hand-push them in about half way. Then I used the sight pusher tool to push them in further. Using a magnifying glass and good lighting helps in adjusting the "middle". Both my PX4 and the 92A1 were dead on horizontally and needed only some adjustments vertically to raise POI ontop front sight at 25 meters with 124g ammo.

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