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Beretta By TSK Stock for DT11 and DT10 with Classic Grip - Sporting

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Made in Italy - Fully adjustable stock for DT11 and DT10 Sporting version with classic Beretta grip and with no finger stop.


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Easy to install, to regulate and customize: grant the privilege to always have the performance of a personalized stock during all your shooting sessions!
The Beretta by TSK fully adjustable stock is the most advanced solution in customization technology and it will be the standard stock of the Beretta DT11 Black Pro, the admiral rifle of our offering of clay shooting shotguns.
Completely Made in Italy with hight precision CNC machinaries, this fully adjustable stock for Beretta clay shooting shotguns will fit Beretta DT11 and Beretta DT10. The stock's handle fit Beretta B-Fast Balance weight sistem.
This stock have been developed to offer the shooter a unique solution for all its needs, being able to be adjusted to personal preferences with regulations on all its parts or to be customized with aftermarket accessories. Click on this link to discover the regulation options offered by this stock:
With the purchase you will receive:
- Complete stock
- Stock Hard Case
- Regulation keys
- B-Fast weights' kit
- Instruction manual

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