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Protection Gel Tek Pour Joue Black Edition .4mm

# E02920
25,00 €

Pièce en gel auto-adhésive qui s'adapte à toutes les crosses en bois et syntetique et protège la joue lors du tir. Spesseur 4mm

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4mm gel-tek cheek protector for use on wooden and synthetic stocks. It allows to reduce and eliminate the bruises that can be created on the face of shooters and hunters, as well as to reduce the recoil sensation.

The gel is in semi-transparent black color, the 6mm version being thicker is more black, vice versa on the 4mm version the effect is less strong It does not use glue or solvents, it adheres only thanks to the material. It leaves no residues To reuse the protection wash with soap and water, allow to dry and then reapply to the stock. 

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