Sako TRG 22/42 Scope Mount, 3 ring, 34mm Diam. Low

# DS151F972
€ 644,00

TRG scope mount, 34mm Diameter, Low , Phosphate finishing.

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TRG scope mount, 34mm Diameter, Low , Phosphate finishing. 

- Specifically for the older TRG Tactical Rifle without a picatinny rail 
-Special scope mount to be used with tactical rifle scopes/34 mm tube diameter.
-3-all steel scope rings for reliable fastening for heavy, large rifle scopes.
-Can be removed and remounted without change in POI. 
-Surface finish: Phosphatizing.
-Integral front attachment for mirage strap.
-Base with 0.5°/30 MOA forward angle increases maximum scope elevation for long range shooting.

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