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Beretta Protection Gel Tek pour Joue .12 inches

# E00378
€ 25,00 € 9,99

Pièce en gel auto-adhésive qui s'adapte à toutes les crosses en bois et protège la joue lors du tir.

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Beretta has an exclusive on this item and its so unique!

Fetures and Benefits:

  • The pad can be moved from gun to gun and put back into the package for use later.
  • It can be used on slug guns or trap guns if a shooter needs to raise the comb or point of impact.
  • It can be put on wood or synthetic stocks. It also eliminates bruised cheeks that trap shooters sometimes get.
  • Its opaque in color so you can still see the stock thru it. It can be on hundreds of stocks and still works.
  • After you use the pad for awhile it may lose some of its stickiness. To fix it , just clean it with hand soap , let it dry and its sticky again.

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