Beretta Competition 360° Magazine Pouch QD with Two Magnets

# E02652
59,99 € 48,00 €

This version combines our 360° magazine pouch with two magnets on the side of the pouch to quickly add spare magazines.


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The  magnetic magazine pouch was designed with the IPSC shooter in mind. Thanks to the strong magnet your magazines will be hold, so picking up them will be fastest and easier, with no waste of time and focus on the match.

This version combines our Ghost 360° mag. pouch with two magnets on the side of the mag. pouch, to quickly add spare magazines without losing another inch of belt space.



  • Ghost 360° mag. pouch + 2 magnet
  • Special speed clip
  • For any kind of matches


Will fit:

  • All double stack pistol and small calibers magazines


Beretta by Ghost International

Beretta has started a collaboration with ghost international, one of the leading companies in the dynamic shooting accessories sector, to offer a range of innovative products characterized by high performance and unmistakable Beretta style, perfect for true enthusiasts


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