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Beretta By TSK - Grip for 690 and 680 (RH or LH)

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SKU: PR0008
Made in Italy - Beretta by TSK authentic spare parts. See description for size guide
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Beretta by TSK Authentic Parts
Full walnut grip for Beretta 690 (690, 692, 694..) and 680 (680, 682, 686, 687..) shotgun Series. Completely made in Italy with precision CNC machining. This item will fit all Beretta by TSK Stocks (WARNING: for Recoil Reducer Stocks the metal cap must be removed)

The item icludes the grip and the bolt to attach it to the shotgun's receiver

A different grip size may be need for example during the growth of young shooters or to use the stock on two different shotguns (interchanging the back of the stock)

Size chart:
Size XS: for hand palm's width smaller than 8cm (smaller than 3.1 in)
Size S: for hand palm's width between 8 and 9cm (between 3.1 and 3.5 in)
Size M: for hand palm's width between 9 and 10cm (between 3.5 and 3.9 in)
Size L: for hand palm's width between 10 and 11cm (between 3.9 and 4.3 in) - Shotguns standard size
Size XL: for hand palm's width larger than 11cm (larger than 4.3 in)
Size Classic: Universal grip for all hands as it comes without the uppre finger stop

Returns not accepted fur used/damaged products
Photo represents typical wood grade and finish for this item. Variations in color and grain will exist in actual product delivered
We suggest all wood stocks/fore-ends be fitted by a qualified gunsmith, Beretta is not responsible for damage caused by improper fitting

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