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Magazine 19 rds for APX FS 9mm

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SKU: C8G935
19-round magazine for APX series pistols caliber 9mm, with glossy black finish.
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19-round magazine for APX series pistols caliber 9mm (17 rounds magazine with increased pad in polymer +2 rounds, code #C5M638) with glossy black finish. Marked 9mm, it is compatible with both 9x21 and 9x19.

Uses a black polymer elevator that can be replaced with the high visibility red one with code #C5G741.

Some examples of compatible weapons: APX A1 FS, APX RDO, APX Combat.


  • Pistol magazines up to 20 rounds are for free sale

  • It is not mandatory to report the magazines for pistol up to 20 rounds

  • The magazine is supplied empty without bullets

  • Attention: it comes without packaging

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