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Choke Tube Mobilchoke extended +25mm ga 12

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SKU: C61304
Extended Mobilchoke choke tube +25mm for 12 gauge.
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Extended Mobilchoke choke tube +25mm for 12 gauge.

Choke tubes usable on over-and-under and semi-automatic shotguns in 12 gauge equipped with Mobilchoke MC barrels, such as Ultralight MC, Ultralight Gold MC, Ultralight Classic MC 687EELL Diamond Pigeon MC, 687EELL Diamond Pigeon Restyle MC, 686 Silver Pigeon I MC, 686 Silver Pigeon II MC, 686 Silver Pigeon III MC, AL391 Urika MC, AL390 MC, A390 MC, A303 MC, A304 MC, A300 Outlander, A300 Outlander Synthetic, A300 Outlander Camo, ES100 and related 12 gauge Mobilchoke replacement barrels.

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