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GunPod2 for A400 Xtreme Optifade (GA. 12)

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SKU: E01108
Beretta GunPod 2 device suitable for A400 Xtreme Optifade stock.
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Beretta GunPod 2 device suitable for A400 Xtreme Optifade stock.

The GunPod 2 mobile app is designed for: iOS (iOS7 or above) on iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6; Android (4.4.x or above) on smartphones with Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0 BLE).

No Bluetooth pairing is required. A smart solution for connecting the shotgun with the smartphone, minimizing the battery consumption of both them (patent pending).

GunPod 2 will never be listed as Bluetooth device on your smartphone.

The Beretta GunPod 2 is a smart digital system powering a new way to enjoy hunting. Stop wondering how many cartridges you shot last month or how many miles you walked with your dog: GunPod 2 will hold these statistics for you!

The highlights of your hunting sessions, along with photos and videos, finally collected in a handy digital archive.

And if you want to share on social networks? With GunPod 2 you can. Thanks to the patented on-board Bluetooth shot-counter, the shotgun connects with your smartphone to collect the most important moments of the hunting session (shots, path, photos and videos) in a smart digital diary with built-in statistics.

But there is even more: GunPod 2 is also a useful tool in case of emergency, by allowing the hunter to make a phone call to a pre-defined phone number with just two taps and to get the GPS position with a single swipe, to be immediately shared with the rescue team if required.

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