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Beretta by TSK Competition Stocks

Beretta by TSK Stocks
Competition Gear

Reliable cartridge bags, ergonomic backpacks, protective cases, shooting

glasses: choose Beretta for uncompromising shooting.

Competition Gear

Hunting Clothing

Hunting Clothing


Beretta Chokes for Straight Shots on Target

Chokes are a crucial accessory for shooters looking to enhance the performance of their shotguns.


Our chokes come in a variety of different styles and models to meet the diverse needs of shooters and hunters. Models range from Full to Light Modified, and the choke families include Optimachoke HP, Optimachoke, Optimachoke Plus, Mobilchoke, and Mobilchoke HP.


Choose from our range of chokes to find the perfect solution for your shotgun.

Official Merchandise


Gun Accessories

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