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Beretta by Lok G10 Grips for 92X Performance

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SKU: E03773
Grips for 92X Performance with the Veloce texture by Lok Grips.
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Color: Green


These grips for 92X Performance with the Veloce texture by Lok Grips incorporate a variety of textures arranged in multiple orientations, designed to avoid slipping and ensure precise control, allowing you to achieve high shooting speed. The grips have a thickness that closely matches the stock grips.

Engineered to be compatible with the factory screws and do not come with an O-ring or screws included.

Made from Phenolic G10 material, which offers impressive benefits. Weighs only half as much as aluminum while providing nearly equivalent strength, and it features a more textured surface for a better grip. G10 is highly resistant to cracking and shattering. Furthermore, the color is dyed into the material itself, ensuring that scratches are not a concern.

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