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Beretta 92 Series Magazine 18 Rounds 9mm

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SKU: C8F672
Universal 9mm 18 rounds capacity magazine for beretta 90 series stamped with 9mm mark. This mag is compatible with 9x19 and 9x21 calibers.
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Beretta Authentic Parts
Magazine for Beretta 92 series (example: (come ad esempio 98FS- 92FS - 98 Brigadier - 92 Brigadier - 98FS Inox - 98FS Target - 92FS Target - 92A1 - M9 - M9A1 - M9A3 - 90-Two - 92SB )) handguns in 9mm caliber with 18 rounds capacity, polymer pad.
- 9x19mm
- 9x21mm

Notes (to be verified with internal regulation)
Magazines up to 20 rounds capacity are free trade
Magazines up to 20 rounds do not need to be registered to local autorities

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