Mark Shooting Eyeglasses

# OC041A2573039AUNI
€ 79,00
(Approx. £68.00)

Mark eyeglasses are specifically designed for shooters to provide optical superiority and protection.

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Mark eyeglasses are specifically designed for shooters to provide optical superiority and protection.

Thay are made with polycarbonate lenses and they are available in 4 different colors:

Color: Yellow Designed to low light. Raise light values. True color enhancement of targets. Perfect for fog or deep in the woods.

Color:Light Purple Designed to kill green back. True depth of background. Enhance orange target.

Color:Scarlet Designed for balanced color enhancement. Bright sun - collecting clouds - white sky. High resolution - crisp detail.

Color:Light Fumè High or direct light. Balance color enhancement.




  • Stainless steel personalized temples. 
  • Frame stealth matte black.
  • Adjustable nose piece. 
  • Ergonomic lens shape. 
  • Beretta logo printed on the lense, Pack includes microfiber cloth


Beretta Eyeglasses 

Beretta is proud to present a new line of eyeglasses specifically developed for the shooters thanks to a design philosophy engineered to enhance eye protection and provide unparalleled visual comfort in any light condition. We have realized cuttingedge solutions to improve the shooters’ performance in every field of play. All our shooting eyeglasses are conceived to maximize the focus of the athlete on his target. Beretta optics offers a wide array of state of the art lenses to meet the demands of the different shooting disciplines. For this reason, Beretta eyeglasses mount 8 different color lenses to ensure superior light management emphasizing contrast and reducing glare with every weather conditions. The Beretta optics eyeglasses feature hi tech solutions designed to constant ventilation and to prevent fogging and misting.


The main benefits coming from Beretta technology are:

- High impact frame and certified lenses.

- Protection from ultraviolet rays.

- Protection against external agents.

- Reduced glare

- Enhance contrast.

- Tested and developed with professional shooters.


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Not bad


Not bad. The nose-piece is easily adjustable. Comfortable also with peltor-like earmuffs. 50€ would be more real price.

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