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Hunter Tech Rifle Cartridge Wallet

# CA121T170207A0UNI
34,90 €
(Approx. £29.86)

Easy access cartridge wallet for #7 rifle ammunition with a self-closing magnet flap and belt attachment

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Hunter Tech

Extremely functional shape, conceived on the real hunter’s use. Made with a scratch resistant material and a high tenacity printing to protect the key areas. To stay in touch with the design the printing resembles the checkering of the stock or forend of a gun, therefore mixing design with functionality. The design and the material communicates innovation and technicality, featuring the Beretta soul. Each product of this new line of hunting accessories is built around functionality and ergonomics



  • Capacity for 7 rifle rounds.
  • Self-closing magnet slip.
  • Pressure button for easy placement on a belt.
  • Green color


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