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Hoplon Zippered Single Gun Case

# FO071L00920889UNI
659,00 €
(Approx. £567.84)

Full zip gun case in genuine Italian leather with brown ecofur lining up to 81" barrel.

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Hoplon Line of bags, gun cases and slings in genuine Italian leather with rich hand made finishing. The stitches and the lacquer in slight contrast color, the molded leather reinforcement and the various innovative technical details give a contemporary touch to all the line.The gun cases can be personalized by letters printed in gold on leather. A complete set of initials with 3M stickers is included. The letters has to be inserted in the frontal metal logo.


  • Lockable zip.
  • Multifunctional elastic shoulder strap.
  • Eco fur lining in brown.
  • Molded leather receiver protection.
  • Beretta logo embossed.
  • Personalization letter kit included. 

•In case of direct expose to water or humidity do not dry the leather through heat sources.
•To keep the natural leather aspect daub the product with neutral shoe-shine cream. When the neutral shoe-shine cream is absorbed clean the leather with a microfiber cloth.
•Do not clean the product with solvent or chemical stain remover.

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