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Beretta GameKeeper Pocket Soft Rifle Case

# FOG30035510702UNI
€ 35,00 € 9,00
(Approx. £8.14)

Soft rifle case, pocket size.

49,2*12 inch 125*29.5cm

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Soft rifle case, pocket size.

A complete line of cases, extremely lightweight, sturdy and waterproof. The line comprises a total of seven cases, including cases for single shotguns, two shotguns, as well as cases for rifles. They all have Beretta's exclusive Slow Memory padding gun protection to keep your firearms safe against impact. There is also a wide choice of products for carrying ammunition; cartridge belts for 12, 20, 28 and 410 gauge, two cartridge bags and two elastic cartridge pouches that can hold eight cartridges or shells. The boots bag is both lightweight and practical. To complete the line is a large, flared game bag and a roomy fabric game bag with full-zip opening that can be laid flat to accommodate the day’s game or dirty and wet equipment. Scratch resistant. Antishock. Water resistant. Central and Barrel protection. Padded.

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Pocket size
Velcro closure

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