Beretta Quick Dry Jacket (S) Review: Great Jacket - but way too small

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3 out of 5

Great Jacket - but way too small


It is an excellent and well-designed jacket. It folds up into its own back pocket and has plenty of other pockets in all the right places, but... ...and you know there's a "But" coming... How can Beretta make such fine and WELL-FITTING shotguns, yet make their clothing so SMALL...? We know that Italians in general are somewhat smaller than English people, but such a jacket as this is intended to be carried in variable temperatures, then put on or taken off quickly - possibly on top of other layers. In my case, I normally need a 3XL (American sizing), but Beretta's interpretation of 3XL is tiny... So a great jacket has been sent back, which is sad. The bottom line - I'd have one like a shot, but it would have to be in 5XL or 6XL to stand any chance of fitting me... Come on Mr. Beretta - get your apparrel sizing act together, then call me again...!

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