Beretta Low Profile Safety and Slide Catch For PX4

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Set composed by Low Profile Safety and Slide Catch for Px4, see description below for compatibility


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Set composed by Low Profile Safety and Slide Catch, designed for the concealed carry but also ideal for an aggressive minimalist look.

Will fit:

  • PX4 Storm Full Size (all calibers)
  • PX4 Strom Special Duty (all calibers)
  • PX4 Storm Compact (all calibers)
  • Will NOT fit PX4 SubCompact (all calibers)


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5 out of 5

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Bought the kit as I needed 2 things: a slimmer slide stop(the standard one sometimes caches on my left palm as I shoot locking the slide to the rear while the magazine is not empty) and a slimmer safety(due to wanting a slimmer gun, because the long safety levers stared to decolor and due to reviews on the internet suggesting it is a good upgrade). So my review: The slide stop is perfect- slim but not to slim, fits and functions flawlessly. The safety levers however should be noted that are not safeties, as they do not have the detent bearing ball to keep them form coming back up. They are deckockers(transforming the F model into a G model). While I do not mind it, it would have been nice to have it in the description. Also, as that they are slimmer and a bit shorter, but actuated by the same spring, the force needed to decock the weapon is a bit greater. In fact so much more that my right thumb has a bit of bruise from a long training session. But overall would definitely recomend.

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