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Rib Weights For DT11/692 Black Edition - 21mm

# E01068
169,99 €
(Approx. ÂŁ146.36)

Rib weights set for beretta DT11 and 692 Black Edition shotguns, comes with dedicated box. For standard windowing 21mm Side ribs.

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Beretta Authentic Accessories

WARNING: this item is for side ribs with 21mm space between windows (is space is 28mm it will not fit)

Set of 2 barrel weights for Beretta DT11/692 Black Edition shotguns, to achieve perfect handling.

The 2 weights can be attached to the ventilated barrels ribs using a sturdy and functional clamp locking mechanism (no tools required). For maximum customization, the weights can be easily repositioned in every position among the rib windows.

The shooter can opt to mount just 1 weight (15g / 0.5oz), or both of them. 

The weights set comes as a part of the standard accessories equipment of the DT11 Black PRO O/U shotgun.


The item includes:

  • 2 x barrel weights, each one weighting 15g (0.5oz);
  • Dedicated box for transportation and storage.


The item will fit*:

  • DT11 Black PRO
  • DT11 Black Edition
  • 692 Black Edition


*The weights system requires the ventilated barrels rib, therefore it will NOT fit a skeet shotgun.


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