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Aluminum Rings for Picatinny Rails

149,99 € 120,00 €
(Approx. £101.48)

Set of aluminum optic holder rings for all rifle equipped with Picatinny rail. Fits BRX1


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Set of aluminum optic holder rings for all rifle equipped with Picatinny rail. The use of aluminum allows to considerably reduce the weight, without however reducing the robustness of the system, also guaranteed by the double tenon on the bottom
One of the two covers is customized with the Beretta 3 arrows, which once installed will point towards the muzzle
The rings are supplied with a 2nd generation packaging which shows all the most important information (type, diameter and height) on the front
ATTENTION: use the recommended tightening torques shown on the back of the package
Fits BRX1
  •     Diameter: 26mm / 1 inch
  •     Height: 8mm ("leg" height, height from rail to center of the rings: 21mm)
  •     Material: aluminum
  •     Included in the package: 2 rings, relative screws + 2 spare, 2 torx keys
  •     Assembly instructions on the back of the package
  •     Made in Italy

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