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BRX1 Magazine - 5 rounds

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SKU: PR0069
Original magazine for Beretta BRX1 rifles, 5 rounds capacity.
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Original magazine for Beretta BRX1 rifles, suitable for different calibers. 5 rounds capacity.

Its flush design allows, when inserted, to remains completely hidden inside the weapon, with the exception of the two symmetrical release wings (to be pressed simultaneously).

Made of lightweight, high-strength polymer and in high visibility coloring for easy identification when removed from the weapon (ATTENTION: no other colors available). Ability to load from above even when inserted into the weapon.


  • TYPE A: Magnum calibers (e.g. 300 Win Mag)

  • TYPE B: Standard calibers with long case (e.g. 30-06)

  • TYPE C: Standard calibers (e.g. 308 Win)

  • TYPE D: Standard calibers (e.g. 6.5 Creedmoor, 243 Winchster)

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