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Orange compact abs hard case - barrels up to 86 cm

# E02868
289,99 €

Disassembled gun case compatible with barrels up to 86 cm in length

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Disassembled gun case compatible with barrels up to 86 cm in length (length to be calculated considering any external chokes)

Ultra-compact, compared to the other cases in the range, it put the stock+receiver next to the barrels+forend instead of placing them one on top of the other, giving a more square shape to the profile. The two parts are protected by a separator panel.

Hands free: thanks to the practical shoulder sling it will be possible to carry the shotgun in maximum comfort and the shoulder strap uses hooks typical of hunting shotguns, making it possible to replace the supplied sling with the one that will then be used on the shotgun. However, the central handle remains available

Safe, thanks to the 3 locks with combination placed on the sides and in the center it is suitable for travel and fly by plane, and resistant, given its structure in thermoformed ABS and lined with velvet. For more comfortable use the case opens flat on the table



  • Width: 880 mm
  • Height: 230 mm
  • Depth: 120 mm
  • Weight: 3.50 Kg
  • Compatible with Over and Under and Side by Side with barrels + chokes up to 86 cm
  • Air travel approved
  • Exterior: Orange ABS
  • Interior: Blue Velvet

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