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Kit magwell & 2 mag. Extension for apx

# E02934
175,00 €

Made in Italy magazine well and oversized magazine pads kit

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Made in Italy magazine well and oversized magazine pads kit.

Kit designed for the most demanding shooters consisting of:

1x Magazine Well (+ relative attachments) made from a single block of aluminum designed to completely improve the correct insertion and removal of the magazine in high-stress scenarios, the design also guarantee minimal interference with the user's clothing. Personalized with the “Tre Frecce” logo on the bottom

2x Oversized MATCH pads (also available individually with code: # E02935), compatible with all APX FS standard magazines and designed to increase the magazine capacity by 2 rounds (if 9mm caliber, if .40 caliber the capacity is increases by 1 round) and to improve the grip in the extraction phase thanks to the aggressive milling on the sides and front. Made rom a single block of aluminum, it features the “Tre Frecce” logo on the side milling


Compatible with:

All Beretta APX Full Size series pistols such as FS, RDO, Combat, Tactical etc.

The kit contains:

1x Miniskirt + relative logo attachments on the lower part

2x Oversized MATCH pads (+2 shots 9mm), also sold individually code: # E02935


Note: The kit works with all APX Full size chargers

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