Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter “T&C”) shall apply to all sale contracts between Fabbrica d’armi Pietro Beretta S.P.A., a company organized and existing under the Italian laws, with its principal place of business at via Pietro Beretta, 18 – 25063 Gardone Val Trompia, Brescia – Italy (hereinafter, “BERETTA”) P.I. 01541040174, which operates this website and any customer resident in any of the countries where this website is or will be active (hereinafter, the “Customer”).

The Customer should read these T&C carefully before placing any purchase order within this website, as these T&C shall apply to every order of items made through this website. Customer, by accepting these T&C, acknowledges and declares that he/she is a consumer and purchases BERETTA items only for his/her personal use, and not for re-selling them in the course of a commercial or business activity, of any kind whatsoever. In order to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests in the BERETTA trademarks and goodwill, as well as its selective distribution network, BERETTA hereby reserves the right and shall at all-time remain free to restrict the quantity of BERETTA items which can be purchased through this website.

Terms & Conditions

1. Any order placed by Customer shall be binding on BERETTA only upon acceptance and further confirmation by BERETTA, to be sent to Customer through an e-mail message. BERETTA may at its own discretion refuse any order, or decide whether or not to totally or partially accept any modifications to the order requested by the Customer, provide said requests reach BERETTA before packaging of the selected items. No payment will be captured until occurred shipment.

2. If any item that Customer has ordered is not available (not only temporarily), BERETTA shall not be bound by any obligation to deliver; in this event BERETTA will inform Customer about non-availability of the ordered item and do not charge the amount previously authorized, the amount previously authorized will be released in agreement with the Bank/s standard rules.

3. Any sale agreement between BERETTA and Customer shall be understood as concluded only upon written confirmation of the order sent to Customer through an e-mail message by BERETTA.

4. The items’ prices shall always be invoiced in Euro currency. BERETTA shall use its best endeavors to procure that prices indicated on this website are correct and updated. Shipment and delivery costs shall be charged on the Customer at the time of shipping the ordered item, according to the delivery fees in force at that time and as indicated in the applicable section of this website.

5. Delivery of items purchased by the Customer shall be made to the indicated delivery address. Shipping costs and time of delivery may vary on a country basis, with a maximum delivery frame of 30 (thirty) days; should delivery be delayed due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of BERETTA, Customer shall be notified with an alternative date of delivery.

6. Payment shall be made by Customer at the time of placing the order either by credit card or as otherwise specified in the applicable section of this website.

7. BERETTA is entitled, at its discretion, to withhold, suspend or cancel delivery or fulfillment of any of its obligations under any sale contract with the Customer in case of material non fulfillment by the same Customer of obligations arising out of previous or concurrent sale contract(s) with BERETTA.

8. Customer may return items purchased on www.beretta.com, without any penalty, within forty-five (45) calendar days to be counted from the day of receipt by Customer of the concerned item. Any claim beyond this timeframe shall be ineffective. As a consequence of returning items to BERETTA, the sale contract will be deemed as effectively cancelled and all related obligations, rights or claims shall be equally deemed as cancelled, provided however that if items returned to BERETTA are damaged in any way, BERETTA shall be entitled to retain the payment of the items already done by Customer.

Before shipping back any item to BERETTA, Customer must fill up the return slip or the return web page.

Items have to be delivered back to BERETTA, Centro Distribuzione Beretta, c/o Norbert Dentressangle Log., Via Lago Maggiore, 44, 36077 Altavilla Vicentina (VI) Italy, at Customer’s risks, costs and expenses in a single delivery through a courier or using recorded post.

In addition to terms and procedure mentioned above, Customer’s right to return any item shall be deemed exercised in the proper way subject to compliance with the following:

  • returned items must not have been used, worn, washed or damaged;
  • items’ identification tag must still be attached to the items together with the disposable seal;
  • items must be returned in their original packaging, with any related accessories or instructions booklets, together with the duly completed return voucher;
  • the pill-off label of the original invoice (or of all related invoices in case returned items have a different order #) has to be glued on the external side of the box containing the returned items.

Upon receipt of the returned item, BERETTA shall check compliance with the procedure stated above and fulfillment of all relevant conditions. As soon as BERETTA is able to confirm that all such conditions have been met, BERETTA shall send to Customer an e-mail message confirming the acceptance of the returned item and start the refund procedure in order to have Customer reimbursed for the price paid for the returned item in the following thirty (30) days, irrelevant of the payment type formerly adopted by Customer. Refund of the item’s price shall always be done to the Customer who made the payment, only.

Should the above mentioned conditions not be met, BERETTA shall send a to Customer an e-mail message warning that for the reasons written in the notice, Customer shall not be entitled to any refund for the price paid to BERETTA; nevertheless, Customer shall have the right, at its risk, costs and expenses, to have the item delivered back to him/her, provided that if Customer does not ask for having the item back, BERETTA shall be entitled to keep such item and withhold any amount connected to the transaction.

9. Subject to the provision of section 10 here below, Customer is entitled to a warranty covering any defects of the items purchased on www.beretta.com for 2 (two) years from delivery, provided that any such defect must be reported to BERETTA within 2 (two) months from relevant discovery. Any claim beyond this timeframe shall be ineffective. Subject to the conditions set forth below, Customer is entitled to ask for and receive a refund for the amount paid for the defective items.

Before shipping any defective item back to BERETTA, Customer has to call the toll-free number +39 030 8341444 (Mo-Fr 09:00 am.-12:00 and 14:00pm - 17:00 (work days) CET +01:00) in order to get authorization to proceed with the defective item return.

Upon receipt of the defective item, if BERETTA is able to confirm that such items does not conform with satisfactory quality standard, BERETTA shall send to Customer an e-mail message confirming the acceptance of the defective item and start the refund procedure in order to have Customer reimbursed for the price paid for the defective item in the following thirty (30) days, irrelevant of the payment type formerly adopted by Customer. Refund of the item’s price shall always be done to the Customer who made the payment, only and on the credit card or PayPal account used to place the order.


11. Should one or more provisions of these T&C be void, voidable, illegal or ineffective, this shall not give rise to total ineffectiveness of the T&C. Said ineffective provision(s) shall be replaced with another(other) valid regulation(s), by taking into account the intention and contents of the same, to the extent and in the sense as permitted under the applicable laws.

12. These T&C are subject to Italian legislation. Each and any dispute deriving therefrom shall be deferred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Court of the city of Brescia (Italy).

T.N: “As is” is a legal term used to disclaim some implied warranties for an item being sold.

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