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Competition Spacer Thickness 0.5 in (12,5mm)

# C5G248
13,01 €

Competition stock polimer spacer with 1/2" 12,5 mm thickness. Fits all competition stocks (straight stock ending that measure 13,6cm)

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Competition stock polymer spacer with 1/2" - 12,5mm thickness. Fits on all the original COMPETITION Stocks (straight stock ending that measure 13,6cm), it does not fit on altered or shorted stocks. The spacer can be assembled over another for reaching 1" thickness.

*THE BACK OF THE STOCK MUST BE STRAIGHT THE HEIGHT MUST BE  5.35 inches 136 mm kindly see MICROCORE for reference


  • Does not fit on: Field type stocks (12,6 cm), models with curved stock and the following shotguns: S55 - A301 - A302 - ASE90

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