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Oversized Bolt Release Assembly for 3.5" 12Ga

# E01796
55,00 €

Extended Bolt release for Beretta semiauto with 3.5” Chambers as 1301 Competition. Allows for you to drop the bolt far easier than the standard A400 bolt release. See description for model compatibility

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Beretta Authentic Parts

Oversized cartridge control lever assembly for Beretta semiauto shotguns with 3.5"" chamber, 12 Gauge.

The assembly includes:

  • Cartdrige comand lever (code #22 of second image)
  • Hold open lever (code #159 of second image)
  • Hold open lever's screw  (code #160 of second image)
  • Cut-off elastic pin  (code #24 of second image)


This item/s will fit:

  • A400 12 Ga.
  • 1301 Comp 12 Ga.
  • A391 Xtrema (I and II) 12 Ga.
  • A350 Xtreme 12 Ga.


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