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Beretta Choke Tube Mobilchoke Ported 12 ga

65,00 €

These extended ported choke tubes are designed for 12 gauge shotguns with the mobilchoke system.

How can I tell which choke tubes fit in my shotgun?


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These chokes can be used on all Mobilchoke barrels. Made of high quality steel, they are of a great stress resistance due to heat treatments. They are subjected to a special coating that guarantees high protection to corrosion. Their shape has been studied in order to guarantee installation and de-installation without specific tools. The indication of the constriction is indicated by the stars at the top. These chokes are for 12 gauge shotguns only.

WARNING:  the Mobilchoke chokes are to be used exclusively on Mobilchoke compatible barrels.

How can I tell which choke tubes fit in my shotgun?




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