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Beretta 92 Series Mag. Well Kit 2 Mag. Extension included

# E02664
90,00 €

Kit consisting of magazine well and 2 oversized magazine pad compatible with all the pistols of the 90 series, The kit can only be used with the new 20-shot magazines with code C8H220 and also with 18-shot magazines C8F672. Do not fit 92X

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Made in Italy magazine well and oversized magazine pads kit.

Designed to fully enhance and ensure positive magazine insertion in high stress scenarios. Sleek and ergonomic design features also provide excellent concealment while ensuring minimal printing to the users clothing.

The Ramp and edge geometry allow for the positive and flawless removal of empty, faulty or stuck magazines during reloading or immediate action events.

Made of solid aluminum.


Compatible with:

  • All Beretta series 90 guns such as 92, 98, 96, M9A1, M9A3 etc. with the exception of the new 92X (as the latest has a mag. well incorporated into the frame as standard).


The kit contains:

  • 1x magazine well + relative attachments (it is mounted in place of the grip cap)
  • 2x Oversized magazine pads
Note: The kit works exclusively with the new 20-shot magazines and with 18-shot magazines (item code C8H220 and C8F672, click here)


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