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Beretta Engraved Mug

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SKU: E02521
Ceramic mug with black soft touch finishing and engraved "3 arrows" Beretta logo. NOTE: the item must be hand washed
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Beretta Official Merchandise Is there a better way to start your day than enjoying your favorite beverage from your favorite mug? And what if you do not have a favorite mug? Do not worry, we've got you covered! We are proud to present you the Beretta Engraved Mug, the most epic take-a-break object from our new official merchandise line. If you are a Beretta fan, you will love it. Take your time to hold it in your hands, feel the pleasant sensation of its soft touch finishing on your palm and turn even the coldest, toughest morning or afternoon in a moment to cherish. Beautifully engraved with our official logo, this mug will really allow you to show the world where your heart belongs. Not a fan of warm beverages? Display the mug on your desk and fill it with your pens and pencils, to be sure to smile and dream of your shooting adventures every time you look up from the computer.; Features Logo: Engraved Beretta "3 arrows" Material: Ceramic Finishing: Black soft touch NOTE: the item must be hand washed;

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