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Adapt. Pull. Win.

Our vision has always been to offer the perfect stock that fit the shooter becoming a natural extension of the body.
One capable to adapt to body changes and to new shooting position.
One that allows micro adjustment as well as adapting to different disciplines.
Only one stock for all your changes. Only one stock for all needs. Only one stock for one shooter.

Adapt and customize

Every single part


The overall length of the stock can be extended up to 25mm by moving forward or bakward the main tube intervening on two screws, one placed on the bridge and one inside the handle.
For greater adjustment, two more longer tube version are available, adding +2cm and +4cm compared to the standard version.

Comb Cast

The comb is fixed to the bridge with two pins that can be moved 10mm to each side left or right (20mm total excursion each), the pins are then locked in place with one screw each.
Given that mobility, the comb can be translated parallel to the stock or the angle can be modified (this second options are showed on the next image).

Comb drop

The comb drop can be adjusted by 20mm along the height of the pins it attaches on. Some polimer spacers in different heights (they can be cobined) to be placed around the pin are provided in order to keep tracked and more stable the preferred settings.
For greater regulation, different height pins or comb can be purchased, adding potentially +30mm if compared to the standard version.

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